Kunstgeschichte Podcast auf Englisch: Defining Visual Metaphor

The new Dr Great Art Podcast. Episode 42: Defining Visual Metaphor. Images can be Tropaic, Not Just Words. This episode, I give my definition of visual metaphor. This is a new area of scholarly interest, and there have been few attempts to clearly describe visual metaphor or trope. This is an important foundational action and idea for the book on visual metaphor and contemporary art I am in the process of writing
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast auf Englisch: Lawrence Weiner, Conceptual Art, and Metaphor

The new Dr Great Art Podcast. Episode 41: Lawrence Weiner, Conceptual Art, and Metaphor
Conceptual Artist Lawrence Weiner is quite fond of formulating statements in which he claims to have dismissed metaphor from his artwork. He is completely wrong. No matter what is claimed, Lawrence Weiner’s art, and most Conceptual Art and Neo-Conceptual Art, whether good or bad, is deeply grounded in interlocking base metaphors; metaphors commonly ignored because they are so transparent.
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch. Copying in Art

The new Dr Great Art Podcast Episode 39: Copying in Art
My artecdote this time is about the phenomenon of artists copying each other and themselves (not forgeries, copies). Something thoroughly disdained since Modernism, yet an activity that was important before that, for learning, out of admiration, for expanding an audience, for additional income. And some thoughts about the situation now.
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: New Historicism in Art

The new Dr Great Art Podcast, Episode 38: New Historicism in Art.

New Historicism in Art New Historicism or alternately Cultural Materialism, and how its ideas are auspicious for visual metaphor, art history and conceptions of context in visual art. Art History consists of multiple histories, discontinuous and contradictory ones. The heretical response to authoritarian demand is important. Works of art express the problems and alienation of our or any time and place, but also frequently offer expressions of fullness that attack that alienation and help shatter the incrustations of belief forced upon us. Art History should discuss both.


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Kunstgeschichte Podcast, Englisch, Originality in Art, Tradition vs. Innovation

The new Dr Great Art podcast. Episode 37: Originality in Art, Tradition vs. Innovation

Does originality in art even exist? A Matt Ballou listener request. „Make it new!“ has certainly become old. Yet, the Postmodernist demand that a lack of originality be heralded as something new is duplicitous. A discussion of originality in art.

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Kunstgeschichte Podcast, die Malerei und die Romane in Englisch

The newest Dr Great Art Podcast. Episode 36: Paintings and Novels are Quintessentially Antithetical.

Paintings and novels, far from being hidebound, as is often squawked, are quintessentially antithetical: excellent disciplines for new metaphoric thought. They are ideally adversarial. They incorporate, use and criticize. They have achieved a condition of being perpetually „genres undermined.“ They have been in a permanent state of crisis for a minimum of several hundred years. What more could one ask for as a difficult, challenging and rewarding fray?
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Dr Great Art 31: 3 Useful Feminist Ideas for Art

The newest Dr Great Art podcast, Episode 31: 3 Useful Feminist Ideas for Art (and Metaphor). A short podcast presenting three ideas from Feminist philosophy useful for art and metaphor: pragmatic action over absolutism, the located self, and finding loopholes in hegemonies to allow creative resistance.
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