Dr Great Art New Podcast (in English): Mongrel and Democratic Art

Mongrel Art! Democratic Art! This Dr great Art Artecdote Podcast is a description of and plaidoyer for a (Post-Postmodernist) art that is anti-purist, syncretistic, and creolized, unifying a variety of artforms, disciplines, tendencies and philosophies. Artworks involving popular or democratic and street artforms outside the „standard“ fine art ones, yet also not eschewing either so-called time-honored, nor technologically „new“ disciplines, as it seeks to revitalize and transform them all, while opening the art system and deliberately involving people outside the field of art in artistic processes.

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Dr Great Art new Podcast (in Englisch); Episode 19: (No) Rules for Art

My newest Dr Great Art podcast! Episode 19: „(No) Rules in Art.“ This Artecdote concerns supposed rules in art, especially painting. It describes how there are really no rules in art, and it decries the obsequiousness of those who believe there are rules and who seek to follow them.
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