Kunstgeschichte Podcast, Englisch, Originality in Art, Tradition vs. Innovation

The new Dr Great Art podcast. Episode 37: Originality in Art, Tradition vs. Innovation

Does originality in art even exist? A Matt Ballou listener request. „Make it new!“ has certainly become old. Yet, the Postmodernist demand that a lack of originality be heralded as something new is duplicitous. A discussion of originality in art.

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Kunstgeschichte Podcast, die Malerei und die Romane in Englisch

The newest Dr Great Art Podcast. Episode 36: Paintings and Novels are Quintessentially Antithetical.

Paintings and novels, far from being hidebound, as is often squawked, are quintessentially antithetical: excellent disciplines for new metaphoric thought. They are ideally adversarial. They incorporate, use and criticize. They have achieved a condition of being perpetually „genres undermined.“ They have been in a permanent state of crisis for a minimum of several hundred years. What more could one ask for as a difficult, challenging and rewarding fray?
#arthistory #painting #novel