Kunstgeschichte Podcast (in Englisch). Dr Great Art Episode 60:Mini Facts about Picasso

The new Dr Great Art podcast, Number 60: Mini Episode Picasso. A shorter episode, I call a „mini.“ This time interesting little facts about Pablo Picasso.
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Dr Great Art, Ep. 59, „Metaphor, What is It? (Chp 1)“

The Newest Dr Great Art Podcast, Episode 59. „Metaphor, What is It? (Chp 1)
A cursory breakdown of the first chapter from my in-the-works philosophy book for Bloomsbury Press for the „Aesthetics and Contemporary Art“ Series, tentatively titled Visual Metaphor in Contemporary Art and Analytic Philosophy. A discussion of what metaphor is, in general, as a lead up to my philosophy of visual metaphor.


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Kunstgeschichte Podcast auf Englisch: Dr Great Art Podcast 58, The Blues Got Me

The New Dr Great Art Podcast, Episode 58. The Blues Got Me. The Blues ethos as a strategy of persistence against melancholy. The Life Blues got me. I had a few slaps upside the head and they affect my art inspiration and production.
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast auf Englisch: (Im)Maturity in Art

The New Dr Great Art Podcast, Episode 57, „(Im)Maturity in Art.“
Immaturity, maturity, and the desire for the latter in art and the repression of that in culture.
Link: http://drgreatart.libsyn.com/episode-57-immaturity-in-art
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Academicism in Art

The New Dr Great Art podcast, Episode 56: Academicism in Art. An ‚academicist‘ in the arts is someone who over-idealizes the art academy; one who follows the precepts taught there and insists others do so as well. Here is a short history of academicism and thoughts about the problem now.


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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Dr Great Art Epistemology in Art

The new Dr Great Art podcast episode 55: Epistemology in Art. The philosophical analysis of the search for knowledge. Does it exist in art? How and what can we know? Will it replace the ubiquitous ontological expressions in Postmodernism? The Podcast link: http://drgreatart.libsyn.com/episode-55-epistemology-in-art

Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Grief in Art

The new Dr Great Art podcast episode 54: Grief in Art.

A short, yet gloomy, podcast for summer. My mother Ruth Staff Brandl passed away very recently at the age of 87. In this tough, sad time, my mind still approaches the world through art, yet I find it hard to find any comfort therein. In our artworld nowadays, it seems almost ridiculous. Grief, though, like most important and complex human emotions, has been the subject or inspiration for many great works of art.

The Podcast link: http://drgreatart.libsyn.com/episode-54-grief-in-art

Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Dr Great Art 53 „Dictatorship of the Consensoriat“

The New Dr Great Art podcast Episode 53: Dictatorship of the Consensoriat

The creation of a term for one of the problems in the artworld, one very obvious usually around June each year when we all go to the Basel Art Fair, often the Venice Biennale, documenta etc.  A phrase for the convenient conformity of (small) minds to have identical tastes in order to achieve hegemony.


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Kunstgeschichte Podcast auf Englisch. Dr GReat Art, Julia Kristeva, Metaphor as Resistance

The new Dr Great Art Podcast, Episode 52: Julia Kristeva, Metaphor as Resistance. Julia Kristeva, the a Bulgarian-French philosopher, offers in her theorization hope for resistance against ruling ideologies within artworks themselves. Artists can produce „openings“ by creating metaphors through serious play, turning rules upside down, displaying pleasure, laughter and poetry which include thoughtful critique — delightful, anarchistic, alternative visions that are embodiments of and empower other forms of resistance.
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Bluesman of Art

The newest Dr Great Art podcast episode,
Nr. 51: Bluesman of Art
Dr Cornel West has described himself as a „Bluesman in the life of the mind, and a Jazzman in the world of ideas.“ I feel similarly, I am a Bluesman of the mind, a Rock n Roller of painting and installations, a sequential-artist/comic-book penciler of art history.
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