Kunstgeschichte Podcast auf Englisch: (Im)Maturity in Art

The New Dr Great Art Podcast, Episode 57, „(Im)Maturity in Art.“
Immaturity, maturity, and the desire for the latter in art and the repression of that in culture.
Link: http://drgreatart.libsyn.com/episode-57-immaturity-in-art
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Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Academicism in Art

The New Dr Great Art podcast, Episode 56: Academicism in Art. An ‚academicist‘ in the arts is someone who over-idealizes the art academy; one who follows the precepts taught there and insists others do so as well. Here is a short history of academicism and thoughts about the problem now.


#arthistory #academicism #postmodernism #markstaffbrandl