Kunstgeschichte Podcast, die Malerei und die Romane in Englisch

The newest Dr Great Art Podcast. Episode 36: Paintings and Novels are Quintessentially Antithetical.

Paintings and novels, far from being hidebound, as is often squawked, are quintessentially antithetical: excellent disciplines for new metaphoric thought. They are ideally adversarial. They incorporate, use and criticize. They have achieved a condition of being perpetually „genres undermined.“ They have been in a permanent state of crisis for a minimum of several hundred years. What more could one ask for as a difficult, challenging and rewarding fray?
#arthistory #painting #novel

Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Dr Great Art 31: 3 Useful Feminist Ideas for Art

The newest Dr Great Art podcast, Episode 31: 3 Useful Feminist Ideas for Art (and Metaphor). A short podcast presenting three ideas from Feminist philosophy useful for art and metaphor: pragmatic action over absolutism, the located self, and finding loopholes in hegemonies to allow creative resistance.
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Kunstgeschichte KünstlerINNEN

Ich bin damit fertig! Harte Arbeit, aber wirklich erfreulich. Eine handgezeichnete, flüchtige Blitz-Kunstgeschichte mit nur Künstlerinnen. Prähistorisch durch und mit heute!
I finished! Whew! Hard work, but really fun. A hand-drawn, cursory, Blitz History of Art with only women artists! Prehistoric through now!

Kunstgeschichte in English wieder! Sophistry in Art and the Artworld

Dr Great Art podcast Episode 28: Sophistry in Art
This episode concerns a troublesome yet seldom acknowledged tendency in the artworld: Sophistry. Why are you in this struggle? Are you an artist or critic or curator simply for careerist „success“? Weren’t you actually CALLED to art?
#arthistory #philosophy

Kunstgeschichte Podcast in Englisch: Models are Not Master Narratives

The new Episode 27: an explanation of my assertion that art history models are not necessarily master narratives. Art History is often told in versions of one linear story, thus a master narrative. This often delimits thought, sustains oppressive systems and purports to be the truth, allowing no exceptions. On the other hand, the stringent fear of modeling has sometimes lead the less inventive to fall into the simple nihilism of „I give up.“ In fact, models are important dialogical tools of and for thought.
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